About Us

Inspire Solutions, Bjorn and Charlie’s latest endeavor, intends to disrupt the way that the industry has been thinking about the PCB assembly process for decades by increasing the capabilities of new equipment lines as well as with systems that are decades old in many cases. The first example of Inspire’s contribution is the ToolMaker on-demand dedicated support creator, which is a turnkey system that enables the in-house manufacture of dedicated support fixtures that previously were deemed as costly and time consuming.

The first example of Inspīre’s contribution is the ToolMaker™ on-demand dedicated support creator. It addresses pain in most SMT assembly plants associated with the need to wait days for expensive dedicated fixtures, as well as the need to send sensitive PCB files to external companies. Today’s PCBs are thinner and more complex, hence rendering the various pin support tooling inadequate, especially in the stencil printing process. SMT assemblers can now manufacture their own machine tooling in-house for less than $100 each. But perhaps more importantly, the dedicated fixtures enable higher quality assembly.

Bjorn Dahle

Bjorn Dahle’s newest position as CEO and Co-Founder of Inspire Solutions now adds to his 30+ years of experience with technology companies in the SMT and semiconductor industries. First with MPM Corporation (now part of ITW) during the 1980s and early 1990s when the company launched the fully automatic vision alignment printer, whose design still is reflected in today’s modern printers. Bjorn was the President of KIC for 20 years, a company that started smart manufacturing technologies such as predictive behavior, real-time process data and analytics, long before the industry started embracing such technologies.

Charles Moncavage

As CTO and Co-Founder of Inspire Solutions, Charlie Moncavage is now celebrating his 20th year in the SMT Industry and specifically his involvement in PCB Support Systems. He is the original inventor/designer of DEK’s Form-Flex tooling, Quik-Tool and Grid-Lok Automatic tooling systems. Charlie also has invented and designed a number of other SMT process improvements for some of the industry’s top tier equipment companies like DEK and Speedline for which he has earned more than 20 related awards for “Best Product.”